S2E2: MORE Citizenship Concerns & Barnaby Joyce’s $9000 Travel Bill

July 28, 2017

Malcolm Roberts and Matt Canavan are dragged into the dual citizenship fiasco this week, and Pauline Hanson's sister, Judy Smith, may be set to join the Senate. Also, it has been revealed that Barnaby Joyce used RAAF "special purpose" aircraft for private travel in May last year. Lastly, what kind of people follow and comment on Australian politics? Spoilers...nasty people.



Pauline Hanson's sister, Judy Smith, could replace Malcolm Roberts in the Senate

Labor demands Matt Canavan documents while its MPs refuse to provide proof

The dissenting argument from a former governor-general that could save Matt Canavan's skin

Barnaby Joyce Billed Taxpayers Almost $9,000 For "Special Purpose" Flights, On The Same Day He Went To The Footy

Malcolm Turnbull takes the axe to the most notorious political perk of all