S2E4: What You Need To Know About The Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

August 10, 2017

Penny Wong delivered an emotional speech in parliament during the week, and Tony Abbott began his campaign in support of the "No" vote. 



P. Wong Speech:

  • divided & leaderless Gov. Passing the buck to the people because they cant make a decision in the party room.
  • An effort to overturn a clear decision made by the senate last year. 
  • "An expensive stunt" $122m
  • Re-emphasises Non-binding nature of the plebiscite Abbott, Bernadi, Abetz aren't going to change their minds
  • The country has moved on from the SSM debate
  • MP's are elected to do their jobs (to come to Parliament and votemake decisions)
  • Government wants the public to make their voices heard on this issue but not on a raft of other policies.
  • Cormann's "Unifying" moment - Australian Christian Lobby called children of LGBT community the new stolen Generation and Sen. Wong railed against the PM and other snr. Liberal figures for not calling them out on this discriminatory rubbish.
  • Finished by calling upon senate crossbench to stay the course