S2E6: The Next Attack Will Be On Your Head

August 24, 2017

Pauline Hanson wore a burqa into parliament last week, and Attorney-General George Brandis slapped her down, which saw a standing ovation from The Greens and The Labor Party. Sarah Hanson-Young had some things to say to Pauline Hanson on Channel 7's Sunrise, including blaming Pauline for potentially threatening the national security of the country. And the Same Sex Marriage debate is still dominating media coverage, we give our latest thoughts.


S2E5: Barnaby Joyce’s Citizenship Means New Zealand Is Untrustworthy?

August 17, 2017

In the news this week, it was revealed that Barnaby Joyce is a New Zealand citizen by descent. He has referred himself to the High Court for a ruling on whether or not he is eligible to continue to sit in parliament. Julie Bishop subsequently has accused Bill Shorten and the Labor Party of conspiring with the New Zealand Labor Party against the Australian government. George Brandis accused Penny Wong and her staff of the dirty work. 

Also on this episode, Annabel Crabb interviewed John Howard and Bob Hawke about the lack of outstanding leaders in democratic systems today, and how today's politicians are ruining the profession.








S2E4: What You Need To Know About The Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

August 10, 2017

Penny Wong delivered an emotional speech in parliament during the week, and Tony Abbott began his campaign in support of the "No" vote. 



P. Wong Speech:

  • divided & leaderless Gov. Passing the buck to the people because they cant make a decision in the party room.
  • An effort to overturn a clear decision made by the senate last year. 
  • "An expensive stunt" $122m
  • Re-emphasises Non-binding nature of the plebiscite Abbott, Bernadi, Abetz aren't going to change their minds
  • The country has moved on from the SSM debate
  • MP's are elected to do their jobs (to come to Parliament and votemake decisions)
  • Government wants the public to make their voices heard on this issue but not on a raft of other policies.
  • Cormann's "Unifying" moment - Australian Christian Lobby called children of LGBT community the new stolen Generation and Sen. Wong railed against the PM and other snr. Liberal figures for not calling them out on this discriminatory rubbish.
  • Finished by calling upon senate crossbench to stay the course






S2E3: A Portrait of the Labor Party - Part 1

August 3, 2017

The Eating Onions team look into the long and storied history of the Australian Labor Party. 








S2E2: MORE Citizenship Concerns & Barnaby Joyce’s $9000 Travel Bill

July 28, 2017

Malcolm Roberts and Matt Canavan are dragged into the dual citizenship fiasco this week, and Pauline Hanson's sister, Judy Smith, may be set to join the Senate. Also, it has been revealed that Barnaby Joyce used RAAF "special purpose" aircraft for private travel in May last year. Lastly, what kind of people follow and comment on Australian politics? Spoilers...nasty people.



Pauline Hanson's sister, Judy Smith, could replace Malcolm Roberts in the Senate

Labor demands Matt Canavan documents while its MPs refuse to provide proof

The dissenting argument from a former governor-general that could save Matt Canavan's skin

Barnaby Joyce Billed Taxpayers Almost $9,000 For "Special Purpose" Flights, On The Same Day He Went To The Footy

Malcolm Turnbull takes the axe to the most notorious political perk of all



S1E10: So What’s A Gonski Anyway?

June 29, 2017

In the season finale of Eating Onions, the team delve into the Liberal Party's Gonski 2.0 reform. Who is David Gonski? Why did we need reform? Where is the money going?


Show Notes:

How Is Gonski School Funding Going To Be Delivered?



Is Your School A Winner Or A Loser Under Malcolm Turnbull's Education Plan?



Government Finds A Way On Gonski School Funding



Gonski 2.0 Passes Parliament As Crossbench Deal Holds



David Gonski - Wikipedia




S1E7: Trump Pulls USA from Paris Climate Agreement

June 8, 2017

The Eating Onions team discuss Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States fro mthe Paris Climate Agreement, and what that means for Australia. Current renewable energy policies are overviewed also.